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When you envision a Lake Como wedding, you’re flooded with the excitement of possibilities — creatively inspired to see your dreams played out and overjoyed by the idea of sharing the magic of La Dolce Vita with loved ones.

But when your thoughts shift to preparations, those feelings can be overtaken by the stress of planning remotely and the worry that all the moving parts won’t come together as you hope.

Without support, it can take the excitement out of the months leading up and the pleasure out of the big day. But, it doesn’t have to. We’re here to take the heavy lifting off your plate, so you feel unburdened with the coordination.

We know how big the decision is to entrust someone with your wedding, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful topics and frequently asked questions to give you a sense of how we can serve you.


How will we communicate?
We communicate regularly via email, but we’re also reachable by phone.

How will we hold meetings?
We will meet virtually using Zoom or Google Meet.

How often will you check in with updates?
We take great pride in keeping you in the loop with timely responses and feedback from vendors as soon as we have updates to share.

How do you handle time-sensitive communications with time zone differences?
We welcome your questions during our office hours but understand that time zones can make this challenging. We do our very best to communicate with you as soon as we have answers to share – regardless of our local time.

Do you offer multilingual support?
We are fully bilingual in Italian and English but can accommodate the need for multilingual support with our additional staff.


Do you help plan smaller weddings and elopements?
Absolutely! We excel in planning weddings of all sizes.

Do you offer support with travel arrangements?
We offer complimentary planning support with internal transfers (e.g. taxi, car rental, boat, etc.)


Can you help me stay within my budget?
Yes, we’re experts in ensuring the numbers stay within budget. We start by plugging in your numbers so we can ensure you stay within your budget. If the numbers don’t crunch, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Will you work off my spreadsheet?
We use a working budget sheet that will be updated constantly with added details throughout the planning process. One of the reasons our clients love partnering with us is that we take those tedious coordination tasks off your plate, so you can focus on the planning aspects you enjoy.


What is your process for developing a seamless timeline?
We start with a draft schedule and adjust accordingly as we get more detailed information. As we approach the wedding, we’ll prepare a proper wedding program that includes a formal timeline of confirmed details.


Do you have experience with our chosen site?
We have extensive experience and wonderful relationships with a roster of the finest venues in Lake Como. For more information on our curated venue list, please see our “Venues” page.

What on-site support does your team offer?
We offer three on-site support services:
When you come for venue scouting, we accompany you on tours when you visit the locations.
When you’ve booked your venue, you can partake in food tastings, beauty trials, and meetings with florists, so we can start making key decisions.
On the wedding day, we coordinate the event to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


How can I assemble the best vendor team?
During our discovery phase, we’ll get a sense of your vision and recommend a team of top service providers who can give you an exceptional experience.

If some venues have in-house staff, do I have to use them for my wedding?
Some venues exclusively use their in-house personnel. We can discuss this during our meeting, but rest assured, our network of venues employ five-star talent.


Who handles the paperwork?
To be legally married in Italy, there is some paperwork that needs to be collected in your country and in Italy, but we can guide you through this process.


What if it rains?
We can’t control inclement weather, but we can prepare for it with a desirable plan B. We’ll keep a close eye on the weather around your wedding date to ensure we have an indoor option should we need it.



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